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Back Treatment

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As befits a truly holistic vet practice, a large proportion of our work is the treatment of back problems in horses, back problems in dogs, back problems in cats and back work in other species. Many of our patients have back pain or a back problem that has gone unnoticed, since the signs of back pain and neck pain can be subtle.

A painful back or painful neck is often betrayed by difficulty in rising, tenderness over the hind quarters, tenderness over the loins (lumbar region), difficulty in jumping, not jumping straight, not sitting straight, not tracking up, lying awkwardly, not standing straight, not standing square, difficulty in getting up, high head carriage, moving eyes more than head (neck pain), inability to raise head, hollow back, hunched back, arched back, scoliosis, pelvic misalignment, lateral tail carriage, unsymmetrical work or uneven work (i.e. not bending to left or right or not working equally well on left rein or right rein), incorrect jaw movement, wrong posture etc. Because our patients are quadrupeds, they also experience difficulty in going down a steep slope or downhill.

Sadly, many cases of spinal misalignment go unnoticed at a standard veterinary examination, since a deep study of back alignment issues is not part of the training of veterinary students. Misalignment will even go unobserved on X-Ray examination, since any anomaly is usually put down to incorrect positioning of the patient on the X-Ray plate. We regret this situation.

We give each patient a routine back check as part of a holistic examination. Correction of any discovered back problem is then offered as an integral part of the natural vet treatment programme. The technique we use most often is based on a very gentle form of chiropractic manipulation. We also use acupuncture, LASER, massage etc.

In horses, we also check the fit of the saddle. Saddling and saddle fitting can be a source of pain and discomfort for the horse and great frustration for the caring owner or rider, who can find it difficult to obtain the support needed. All this is quite apart from the damage it can do. A holistic vet is in honour bound to check anything that may cause pain or discomfort or impede healing.

We travel the UK, for the treatment of horse back problems. We perform treatment of dog back problems and cat back problems at the AVMC premises, although house calls (home visits) can also be arranged for dogs, cats and other species.

Although a back problem can arise anywhere along the axial skeletal system, regions of most stress are: temporomandibular joint, atlanto-occipital joint, cervical-thoracic junction, thoracolumbar junction, lumbosacral junction and pelvic alignment.

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