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Efficacy of Homeopathy

Holistic vet at work - A brief look at the efficacy of homeopathy

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Veterinary Homeopathy
Samuel Hahnemann (1755 - 1843) founded homeopathy

Research in homeopathy and veterinary homeopathy

Because research in homeopathy cannot bring the multi-billion pound/dollar rewards that are the result of research into patented drugs, it is not easy to find funds for research into homeopathy. Funding has to be a matter of altruism, a rare commodity these days. Furthermore, methodologies must be developed which are both suited to the practice of homeopathic medicine and stand up to scientific scrutiny.

In homeopathy, we are trying to stimulate healing and a curative process via bio-energetic mechanisms. This is a very different and infinitely more complex phenomenon than the direct chemical suppression of a given symptom, which is the aim of conventional drug medicine and the targeted object of its research methodology. Of course, observation is the first principle of good science and observation gives us evidence that is very suggestive of efficacy of treatments provided by homeopathic vets.

Nonetheless, there are some good pieces of research, some of which have been published in peer-review journals.

The AVMC has conducted clinical research: www.alternativevet.org/research.htm, some of which have resulted in published papers.

The AVMC is currently monitoring every client reporting event, for treatment outcome, with the following results so far: www.alternativevet.org/outcomeanalysis.htm

The Homeopathic Trust and Faculty of Homeopathy publish research results: www.trusthomeopathy.org/case/res_research.html
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In summary, any suggestion that homeopathy has no scientific support is way off the mark. More research is nonetheless desirable.

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